Increase reading speed 100% and develop comprehension and recall. UK public speed reading courses in London and in-company courses worldwide.

Speed Reading Course Overview

Public courses, in-house courses, one-to-one coaching

We are the only UK training provider dedicated exclusively to the design and presentation of speed reading courses.

Our one-day speed reading courses develop the efficiency required by managers and professionals to manage information effectively and meet deadlines by increasing reading speed 100% and:

Leading to rapid reading and greater understanding of even the most poorly written, dull or complex reading material, at rapid reading rates, especially when time is of the essence.

About our Speed Reading Expert

Dr Nutley

Dr Paul Nutley is the only UK based speed reading expert, who links the provision of speed reading courses to the context of high level management consultancy. Dr Nutley's reading expertise is employed by a formidable range of blue chip companies, the wider corporate, retail and service sector, as well as the senior Whitehall departments, world class legal practices, finance, banking and commerce.

Dr Nutley's reading programmes have been exported throughout Europe and four continents, and are also sought after by senior political figures and the entertainment world, as well as Royalty.

Contact him today for his unique range and experience in the rapid reading coaching, training and development world.

For more information contact our UK Speed Reading Course Co-ordinator.
Email:, Tel: 01598 741123

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