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Sample Speed Reading Course Outline:

To increase reading speed by 100%. Develop the flexibility to deal efficiently with a varied reading workload. Ensure skimming and rapid reading are most effective.

Assessment of Reading Speed - Providing a basis to measure speed reading improvement.

The Reading Process - Eye movements, inner speech, regressions. The intellectual process. How to adjust to rapid reading.

Increasing Reading Speed - The use and advantages of 'pacing'. The effect on rapid reading.

Flexibility of Reading Speed - Reacting to variations in writing; one text to another, and within the same text.

Improving Comprehension - Finding a framework of ideas. Paragraph analysis and key sentences. Awareness of organization. Active and rapid reading.

Skimming - Definition, value, applications and limitations. Relevance to speed reading.

Synchronizing Speed Reading and Comprehension Rates.

Rapid Reading and Retention - Problems and solutions. Summarizing and memory; value, features and applications.

Skimming, Speed Reading and Note-taking - Combining the techniques. Meeting deadlines. Avoiding risk. Speed reading and managing backlogs.

Assessment of Reading Speed - A comparison with the initial assessment.

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